The Project

Cubia is a home assignment I did for a company in 2016 during its recruitment process.

This imaginary product is a sort of an omnipotent internet-folder that can hold videos, pictures, texts, links, and is in fact a new way to to arrange information. 

The basic interface is based on Cubaiot squares that display a preview to the content they refer to. A cubia may reffer directly to content or have more cubaiot in it (like a folder). 

Use Cases

8 days delegation to Germany connect 30 people from around the world who are not familiar with one another. The organizers create a “Cubia” with the following Cubaiot inside:

  1. Contacts organizers
  2. Contacts group members
  3. A map of Berlin
  4. Emergency phone numbers
  5. Picture (a collaboration Cubia) allows everyone in the Cubia to add more photos
  6. Content - a cubia with linkcubaiot to all the relevant research and articles mentioned by speakers during the content sessions

My Role

My mission was to design a few screens of this product based on wireframes that I got in the assignment.

  • UI/UX
  • Mobile / Desktop adaptations
  • Branding
  • Iconography