The Project

Damned is a branding project from my 3rd year studying at Bezalel academy. It's an original TV show for HBO taking place in the imaginary city of Abaddon, that is literally the gateway to hell.

The project included developing the look & feel of the show, based on new and existing imagery, creating the logo, slogans, website, opening sequence, merchandise and the marketing campaign for the series launch. 

My Role

  • Branding
  • Moodboard design
  • Synopsis writing
  • Copywriting
  • UI/UX
  • Merchandise
  • Marketing concept

Target Audience: Ages 25-45, educated, mostly men
Genre: TV Drama, with a dark twist on the concept of life & death
Core Brand Values: Mysterious, Provocative, Ironic

Look & Feel: Sureal, dark, morbid. Abaddon is a mixture of a soutern american god-forsaken town with the remains of a biblical, mythical city. It will include natural areas co-existing in an unnatural way (swamps and forests next to deserts).
The yellow-orange sky and the dramatic weather changes will affect the lighting in the series, giving it a sense of "end-of-the-world" vibe.

Working as an advocate for the biggest criminals and scums on earth has not made Alec Von any more prepared for the day after his death. A fatal car crash ends his life at 38, and he wakes up in Abaddon - the very last stop on the way to hell. 

While staying on the city is temporary, no one really knows how much time they have there, and the waiting game brings out the worst in people.  

After meeting Helena Keler, the devil's representative in Abaddon, Alec is convinced to join a group of people, whose time on the premise will extend as long as they serve the visitors according to their skills and expertise. Alec's new role is finding people who deserve a second trial, before they're thrown to hell for all eternity. 

Aside from dealing with death and the afterlife, the series will also tackle religion and law & order concepts and offer another take on the eternal question - is the human nature good or bad?


Opening sequence shot designs - original photos and photo-editing 


Marketing print design for the show's TV premiere 


Marketing print design for the show's TV premiere 


Website Design