ParKam Smart Signs

UI Design, Feature Redesign & User testing (2015-2016)

The Project

The idea of ParKam smart signs was always a part of the company's marketing strategy, but it was only in 2018 that we started to actually develop this product, and offer it to potential clients. 

In a nutshell - using the latest LED screens technology to show real-time parking availability data in parking lots or city streets.

We had many iterations and options for this product, trying to address most of the challenges we identified: 

  • Readability - drivers have only a few seconds to glance at the sign while driving so any parking information we decide to show needs to be clear, simple, and very quick to understand.

  • Familiarity - trying to balance between the innovative data display we had in our hands and the graphic language of existing road signs drivers are expecting and already familiar with.

  • Mapping -  displaying numbers and arrows was always the obvious way to go, but can drivers read a map showing them available parking spots ahead? How should this map look like, graphically? 

My Role

  • Information design
  • Marketing
  • Image making
  • Prototyping
  • Usability testing
  • User research & Analysis

Perth Airport Use Case


Perth Airport in Australia was one of the first clients who showed interest in smart signs for their Terminal 1 drop-off zone. They witnessed a lot of traffic jams in the entrance of the drop-off zone, due to the small number of parking spots in there and the lack of info display on available spots ahead. 

Our mission was to create a design for the smart sign display that would keep the traffic going and give drivers insight into the parking availability in the section ahead.

I created a few designs showing the parking status in both areas of the drop-off zone (the entrance and the parking section ahead). I tried to address the mapping of the area in different graphic ways, and we tested all 3 options with potential users.

This project is still in development these days.